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Specialty Rollers

Aarubco has been manufacturing highest quality, rubber covered rolls to meet the needs of numerous industries since 1967. Aarubco’s seasoned, highly qualified personnel and our state of the art facility, set us apart from our competition.Regardless of the intricacy of the design or engineer's specifications, Aarubco Rubber can custom cover any type of roll configuration to meet your specific needs. 


Our manufactured rubber covered rollers provide the consistency, reliability, and operating efficiencies required by critical converting, extrusion, and processing applications. We extensively evaluate roller design and operating conditions to create optimum performance rollers. In addition, Aarubco Rubber can supply you with new metal cores or repair cores for better efficiency and overall superior performance.


Aarubco can handle all your rubber roll covering needs.

SMALL ROLL DEPARTMENT:  Handling small rollers (under 1” to 36” in length)

LARGE ROLL DEPARTMENT:  Handling large rollers (36” to 240” in length)

  • Up to 40” diameter

  • Up to 240” overall length

  • Weight of up to 12,000 lbs

  • Concentricity within 0.001

  • Balancing

  • Computerized Grooving

  • Spiral, Chevron, Ruling, Spreader, Diamond, Threading

  • Crowning

  • Parabolic, Taper


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